Economic Valuation

A sound and robust economic analysis is of paramount importance for succesful performance in the current upstream business. Asset valuation is impacted by numerous value drivers including production forecasting, price assumptions, opex- and capex assumptions and fiscal regime.

Economic valuation visualThe stakes are high when it comes to decision making in the Upstream industry. Many value drivers come into play, such as the anticipated production profile, price premise, processing- and transportation tariffs, opex sharing, capex assumptions and the fiscal regime. Informed decisions on business opportunties can only be made when all of these pieces of the puzzle have been put together correctly. Cor Leonis can provide a comprehensive and robust economic valuation for the purposes of sustaining asset operations, project economics and portfolio valuation. It will identify the key value drivers and will allow management to form an informed opinion on the key assumptions that underpin them. 

Cor Leonis will provide its clients with a comprehensive set of information including the key assumptions underpinning the valuation and a full suite of consistent and in depth financial statements, purchase price allocation, sensitivity analysis etcetera. This set of information allows its clients to make informed decisions regarding acquisitions, business planning, impairment and taxation. Clients can also keep track over time of actual performance against the original assumptions.

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